Monday, June 25, 2012

In the Jungle

(Dress- Thrifted; Earrings- Ebay; Belt- Strawberry; Bangles- Forever 21; Pumps-Boutique 9; Lipstick-CoverGirl Queen Collection)

As an avid thrifter (or better yet addictive thrifter), I have many thrifted pieces of clothing that seem to get lost in my closet just like the item above. I bought this dress awhile ago and never got around to wearing it until a couple of my friends and I decided to have a "Totally 80's" theme day.
 I could have easily have went the route of brights, or neon colors, but I decided to think outside of the box, and go with what a working woman (hopefully in the fashion industry) would have worn. I'm sure someone out there wore this dress back in the 80's and if not, at least I would have worn it (with my collar popped, shoulder pads & red lipstick!)
luv jones