Tuesday, June 26, 2012


(Pants-Zara; Pumps- Boutique 9; Blouse-Kate Hill, Lord & Taylor;Cuff Bracelet-Pink Accessories Store, NYC; Blazer-Thrifted; Earrings-Ebay; Scarves-Thrifted)

One of my favorite celebs is Solange Knowles. I think that all around she has great style, along with an awesome personality! In regards to her style, I love her knack for mixing prints & colors, and just making everything look so cool & effortless. So I decided to take a little style inspiration from her and put together a work appropriate outfit!
luv jones

Monday, June 25, 2012

In the Jungle

(Dress- Thrifted; Earrings- Ebay; Belt- Strawberry; Bangles- Forever 21; Pumps-Boutique 9; Lipstick-CoverGirl Queen Collection)

As an avid thrifter (or better yet addictive thrifter), I have many thrifted pieces of clothing that seem to get lost in my closet just like the item above. I bought this dress awhile ago and never got around to wearing it until a couple of my friends and I decided to have a "Totally 80's" theme day.
 I could have easily have went the route of brights, or neon colors, but I decided to think outside of the box, and go with what a working woman (hopefully in the fashion industry) would have worn. I'm sure someone out there wore this dress back in the 80's and if not, at least I would have worn it (with my collar popped, shoulder pads & red lipstick!)
luv jones

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NYC Store Spotlight: No Relation Vintage

Good Day My Fashionable Friends!
Today is Store Spotlight Day where I will let you in on one of my fave stores, be it vintage, thrift or a new boutique! And we start with NO RELATION VINTAGE IN NYC. This has become my absolute fave vintage store in NYC. The prices are cheap for a NYC vintage store which I can't complain about and they happen to have a sister store in Brooklyn! I hope you will check it out!
Enjoy :)
luv jones

Store Name: No Relation Vintage
Location: 204 1st Ave (btwn E. 12th & E. 13th) 
Phone: 212.228.5201
Store Hours: M-TH 1-8pm; Fri 1-9pm; Sat 12-9pm; Sun 12-8pm
Return or Exchange Policy: No 
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
Average Price: $15-$30
Assortment: Men's and Women's Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
Must Have Items: 70's & 80's Dresses; 80's Tees & Tanks; Vintage Adidas;  Leather & Fur Coats & Jackets; Men's Button Down Shirts; Western Inspired Boots; Sequined Clothing
*Styling Tip*: If you want to keep it simple, then pair with a solid colored tee or silk blouse, and form fitting bottoms  to balance out the blazer OR if you want to be bold, then you can wear a printed top and/or bottom, just stay within the color palette of the jacket (blue ,pink, gold, etc)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome and Enjoy!

Welcome to My Vintage Luv Jones!
Many of my friends know that I'm a lover of fashion especially vintage and thrift store finds. There's something about finding that one of a kind item that will make you stand out in the crowd. I live for the times when you leave your local Salvation Army with a bag full of clothes that only cost $20-$30 dollars (I am a serious budget shopper)! So, I decided to start this blog to share my love of these precious finds with other fashion lovers; show you how to style vintage and thrift store pieces with items from your current closet (since I am a Wardrobe Stylist & Image Consultant); and let you in on some of my fave stores...amongst many other fashionable topics!!!!