Monday, August 13, 2012

All Thrift Everything Challenge: Outfit #1

Hello Fashionistas!!
While my mom was visiting a few weeks back, I was told by her that I am not allowed to shop for clothes for awhile! I do have a bad addiction especially to anything from thrift and vintage stores (doesn't help that my fave Salvation Army here in NJ has 50% off Wednesdays!!!!). So I'm taking heed to her advice, and when I did a survey of my closet I realized all the great pieces (majority thrifted) that I haven't worn yet. With that said,  I'm putting myself on a challenge for the next 2 months to wear only items from my closet AND to have at least 2 or more pieces be thrifted in my outfits!
Here is my first attempt at this challenge, and the blouse & pants happen to be thrifted (a total of no more than $5 together from the Salvation Army)...sorry but the shoes & accessories aren't but I did get a great deal on them.
stay tuned for more ALL THRIFTED outfits!
luv jones :)